Injustice is a place without hope. A place where your right to safety, opportunity, and fairness is non-existent. Injustice is preying upon the already vulnerable situations people are in. The issue of sexual exploitation can be best defined as an exploitation of vulnerability. People can be vulnerable because of poverty, race, gender, age, addictions, abuse, family (or lack there of), and where we live. Found partnered in this injustice is oppression.

Often for those we walk alongside, the protective factors that are supposed to be in place – the relationships that were supposed to protect them – were sadly exploitative. That’s parents, boyfriends, friends… Something spiritually attaches to these women from the moment of first being exploited / abused, and it re-writes their belief about their worth.

Injustice loudly speaks lies about worth, identity, and love. It welcomes in patterns of abuse.

Our goal is for the light of Christ to come into the darkness and face oppression head on. God isn’t afraid to walk into the midst of oppression and begin the freedom process in a way that is often out of our comfort zone.

One of our team members is currently walking alongside an escort who has been sending texts saying, “God is changing my life.” She is still escorting, but God is present in that place and is rewriting truth about her worth and identity. God isn’t afraid of the darkness that still remains, as many of us are. He is gently loving her to a place where captives in her life are broken. One of my team members had the opportunity to fight for her justice by advocating for her safety. This is where God is intervening. It is His heart is to protect her.

Justice is hope. Justice is when light comes in and begins to use the evil done against us for good. Justice is when the Father says you are enough in my eyes. Justice is when patterns and cycles are broken in lives. Justice does not criminalize or categorize those who have had their worth robbed. Justice is freedom in Jesus. Justice occurs when light invades the darkness and the truth about who we are and whose we are is revealed, honoured, and protected.

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