One of our lead team went to a presentation on grooming and counterfeit love and pornography and counterfeit love. They also were in Lethbridge speaking to a few classes on this topic as well.

What is grooming & counterfeit love?

    Traffickers often expose girls & boys to pornography and stripping in order to desensitize them, which brings them to the point where once they are asked to provide sexual services they are more open to it. In the grooming process traffickers will shower their victims with gifts, love, attention, words of affirmation and then switch to bringing down their self-worth and using degrading words to make them feel like they are only worth the sex. The inconsistent pattern. Their love towards them is often dependant on how well they are performing. They will often threaten to take away privileges, threaten family if they don’t do what they are being asked to do. Using abusive control to keep them in the relationship is what counterfeit love is. Traffickers will tell their victims that they love them in a short period of time after meeting them. This is not a real representation of love because love often takes time. Traffickers will often isolate their victims by slowing putting distance between them and their family and friends and introducing them to the trafficker’s community. This brings them to a point of feeling like they have no support and are completely dependant on the trafficker.

Pornography & Counterfeit Love

* Preface: We understand how many engage with watching pornography and we are not speaking on this topic to place shame and blame on those who do participate, but rather to raise awareness about the realities that are happening behind the scenes and how it relates to sex trafficking here in Alberta.

     Pornography is not realistic and is entirely based on lust and no relational components at all. It is dehumanizing and often trains Johns to view the victims based on lust, rather than who they are as a human. It also trains traffickers on valuing victims based on how much income they can bring in. Those behind the screen are often not choosing to be there even though they may look happy, it is just acting. They are often being forced through threats and are being sold for sex. Ultimately, watching pornography and purchasing people for sex fuels the damand and need for traffickers to recruit individuals to fill this demand.