CHILL began with a story, a small grain of faith that one faithful and obedient woman began to tend for. This is Amy’s Story, she is a fearless follower of Jesus. Our team is honoured to journey with her on this great adventure for the Kingdom.

Here is her story.

My passion for justice became apparent to me at a very young age. In High School, I was drawn to marginalized populations within Calgary. I volunteered at local shelters and I took every opportunity to learn more. During that time in my life, I really had to lean into God for hope. It was at that point God started showing me His vision.

As Bill Johnson wrote, “It is interesting how God takes what we think are insignificant confessions and prayers and use them to shape our lives.” That is exactly what happened. I asked God to break my heart for what breaks His. That question was answered by vision that came over me. I found myself weeping for an entire weekend as God gave me His eyes for injustice, specifically human trafficking. It was the weekend that God gave me the name CHILL – Christ Heals in Low Lights. I knew God had a plan to bring His light into some of the darkest and most unimaginable places.

Christ heals in low lights.

I embarked on a journey of trying to clarify God’s vision. It was a season of stepping out and failing. As I look back now, I think I failed so many times because I wasn’t yet released. I had just begun to hold the vision and didn’t know what to do with it. At that point, I didn’t attach trafficking or even sexual exploitation to the name God had trusted me with.

One night, I attended an evening of dreaming offered through the Alliance District, where young people were encouraged to share their hearts. It was that night when I had CHILL on my heart. I was encouraged by one of the leaders, that perhaps it had to do with what I had studied; trauma, trafficking and exploitation. That night, I felt God giving me the choice to commit to the plans He has for this ministry, not knowing what it might look like. As I surrendered this into God’s hands, I asked for a team to serve with.

The next morning I woke up with several emails from individuals sharing their desire to be a part of something called Christ Heals in Low Lights. The crazy part was that most of these individuals were people who I had never met, let alone individuals I had shared the dream with. Once again I was weeping before God – as I began to understand God’s faithfulness and the power behind He who fulfills.

Bring light to the darkness of sexual exploitation

From the beginning, myself and my team were committed to bringing the light to the darkness of sexual exploitation. This remains our vision today. However, how we plan to do that looks different then it did in the beginning. God spoke to our original team in unity to establish roots within our city. We began a journey of speaking in churches, the academic realm, and participating in conversations around human trafficking. It has completely been the grace of God that has allowed us to network in this community, with other organizations, and individuals who have been exploited.

The theme of this whole story is God’s faithfulness; giving me glimpses of the promise and then fulfilling it—and exceeding it. I have been ministered to with opportunity after opportunity.

We began our partnership with Encompass in 2015. Encompass is a local missions hub, whose desire is to reach the least reached with the gospel. This partnership allows us to use their facilities, receiving coaching, and collaborate with their other partners. This partnership has allowed us to grow significantly as a ministry

Currently, our team is aligned in vision and core values. We see ourselves in a pivotal place of building a consistent culture to minister from. Our core team is composed of passionate individuals excited to see the kingdom of God expand as we walk alongside individuals impacted by sexual exploitation. Our desire is for our volunteers to serve and minister from a place of truth, and understanding of who they are whose and they are. We are a ministry that aims to journey with individuals who have been affected by sexual exploitation. Our hope is to provide a community of safety and belonging; where individuals are empowered, healed and equipped. This desire is founded on a culture committed to expanding God’s kingdom on earth. I am so excited for where God is leading our team, and we are looking forward to see the fulfillment of this vision and the freedom for those affected by sexual exploitation.

This is my story. It is a story of God’s love and faithfulness, and as a result, the unfolding of a ministry.

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