We're on a mission to fight sexual exploitation. Programs below have been designed to bring hope, empowerment, and community to those who have affected.

"This is my safe place, I haven't told my pimp about this place. this is the one place he doesn't know anything about, because I want it to remain a safe place for me"

– Survivor
01 – Prevention

Preventing sexual exploitation before it even occurs

We believe that education will shine light on injustice, and is a key component in the prevention of sexual exploitation. We endeavour to inspire a response in our churches, schools, and communities to help break patterns of injustice. Our presentations are interactive and cover themes such as: who is vulnerable and why, how to identify exploitation, how to help someone who is being exploited, and available services.

02 – Intervention

Inspiring communities to respond to the injustice of sex trafficking effectively

We work to equip organizations, who commonly interact with populations that are vulnerable to exploitation. We give them knowledge to be able to identify when trafficking occurs and how to safely intervene. Our educational presentations are interactive and can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

03 – Services

Changing lives through coaching, mentorship, and community engagement

Our coaching and mentorship is done in a one-on-one setting helping women and youth to discover who they are, and the purpose for their lives. Coaching ultimately is empowerment, allowing our clients to have ownership over their healing and success. We help our clients navigate recovery, creating safety and exit plans, taking steps towards careers and further education, becoming self aware, even as basic as discovering interests and passions. We aim to give our clients back their voice. Because of this, the transformation that happens is sustainable.

We seek to mobilize coaches and mentors to the city of Calgary where there is a need in the area of sexual exploitation. This can include women or men who are currently in the sex trade industry, youth who are are vulnerable, families who are impacted, and clients who have exited the sex trade and seek community and mentorship.

CHILL is currently partnered with Streetlight Ministries in sending our coach and mentor volunteers to their youth drop-in trailer, where CHILL seeks to build relationships with the youth who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Community combats isolation. Our hope is to provide a community of safety and belonging for those who have been impacted by sexual exploitation. We do this through our community nights. Throughout the year we host community dinners for our community members, we cook, eat, connect, and do the odd activity. These nights, are community in its simplest form. This safe space allows our community members to build healthy connections and supports. These opportunities for building relationships provides many opportunities for us to journey with and coach clients as needs or concerns arise. We provide opportunities for private conversations, mentorship and prayer during these nights.

04 – Mobilizing action

Own it movement

Own It Movement is an opportunity for students and youth to become involved in fighting sexual exploitation in practical ways within their communities. We want your voice to be heard and believe in the impact students have, and want to offer the freedom for students to own what they have learned about and take initiative in making a difference.

Any student who signs up for this will be partnered with CHILL to create any event of your choice. This can include, but is not limited to: educating your peers, raising money or volunteering. CHILL will provide mentors for any project to be of support and help. We want your creativity and would love to partner with any ideas that are brought forward.

If you are interested in any of the above programs for your organization, school, or person please email Kirstie at