Our Team

A family committed to rooting out sexual exploitation in our community


Education Coordinator

Hello! My name is Kirstie and I work at CHILL as the Education Coordinator! I am passionate about adventure, as I am continually fascinated by the beauty of people and places. I desire for everyone to feel valued and to know that they are worthy of being loved and listened to. At CHILL I seek to bring light to the darkness of sexual exploitation in Calgary through inspiring a response in schools, communities, and churches in hopes to break the patterns of this injustice. If you are ever interested in having CHILL come speak on the topic of sex trafficking in your community I would love to chat with you! Shoot me an email at kirstie@chill.community.


Creative Director

My name is Jordan and I volunteer at CHILL as the creative director! I am a designer by trade and work at a digital agency in Calgary. An experience in Cambodia opened my eyes to the darkness of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Connecting with CHILL has allowed me to help empower an organization fighting a cause close to my heart. Hopefully with some branding and graphics, we can catch your eye and share our anticipation of hope and healing.


Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Gloria and I volunteer at CHILL as the volunteer coordinator. I am passionate about getting to know people and hearing their stories! The hope that I have, through all my interactions, is that people will feel loved, respected, understood, and accepted despite differences or hard conversations. In my free time, I enjoy going on adventures such as climbing trees, saving worms when it’s raining, asking for plant clippings from strangers for my indoor garden, and creating new experiences! I work in the emergency department as a registered nurse, and train/compete in powerlifting as a way of de-stressing. At CHILL, I seek to support and journey with people and to participate in creating communities of safety and belonging. If you would like to join the CHILL team and learn more about what CHILL is about, feel free to email me at gloria@chill.community or fill out the volunteer application form.


Social Media Coordinator

Hi! My name is McKayla and I volunteer at CHILL as the social media coordinator. I currently attend Vanguard College and am getting my Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counselling. God has given me a heart for those in the midst of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. My long-term goal is to counsel those coming out of the darkness of trafficking, and showering on them the love that Jesus showers on me. I am so excited to see what God is going to do with this organization and with the volunteers and staff that dedicate their time to obeying what He has called them to do.


Community Dinner Coordinator

My name is Mel (Melodee) and I’m the community dinner coordinator. I oversee and coordinate our monthly dinners that provide a safe space for a place of community and belonging. My involvement with CHILL began as I learned more about sexual exploitation within Calgary and I then wanted to be a part of changing lives through relationships with those that come to the community dinners. I also work for Impact Ministries, a missions organization that operates and runs a total of 11 elementary, junior high and senior high schools in Tactic, Guatemala where they are teaching these students about Jesus.


Edmonton Community Educator

Hi there. My name’s Paula. I’m passionate about kids. As a former homeschooling parent, a pediatrics and neonatal nurse, and community “Mama Bear”, my life has always been filled with the presence of kids and youth.  I’m passionate about spreading a message through fun, and informative educational sessions to effectively equip kids in protecting themselves with the knowledge of awareness of their surroundings and the slick tactics of “The big, bad wolf”.  We can not lose one more child to sexual exploitation/ human traffickers! I do these sessions at schools, churches, and community centres. This can also be tailored for parental/general audiences. Our youth are not only our present but also our future. They deserve to be given as many effective tools to understand and create a safe environment for themselves and their friends. If you are interested in hosting any of these sessions in Edmonton area, please shoot an email my direction at paula@chill.community.


Community Dinner Cook

Hi my name is Terry and I am volunteer with community dinners for CHILL! I am a highly relational person…I love people and I want them to know they are loved just as they are. I want them to feel welcome and comfortable around me….and food has a great way of comforting us all! My heart has been broken for the exploited and trafficked and while I’ve often felt powerless in the enormity of the problem, I know I can do *something* to help ‘the one’ in front of me. I was moved by CHILL’s mission to bring light to the darkness around exploitation and injustice in our city and offered my gifting of hospitality to help create a community of safety and belonging through a shared meal, where impacted individuals (the one) might be empowered to reach out toward a brighter future.



Amy is the founder of CHILL. She was given a vision to see light brought into the darkness of human trafficking. Alongside a team, this vision was brought to life in 2013. Amy served as the Executive Director of CHILL for the first 5 years of its existence. Amy is a visionary leader, passionate advocate for the marginalized, a junior high teacher, wife and dog-mom.