We bring light to the darkness of sexual exploitation

Through education and partnerships, we mobilize for prevention, intervention, and recovery of those impacted by exploitation. We provide communities of safety and belonging, where individuals are empowered to discover a brighter future.


Inspiring communities to respond to injustice effectively.

We equip churches, communities, and schools in order for them to better promote healing, seek justice, and understand honour. We also work collaboratively with other organizations, mobilizing people to make a difference.


Preventing sexual exploitation before it even occurs.

We believe that education will shine light on injustice, and is a key component in the prevention of sexual exploitation. We endeavour to inspire a response in our churches, schools, and communities to help break patterns of injustice.


Moving people from a place of brokenness into leadership.

We’re committed to empowering people through compassionate, safe, and liberating relationships; free from fear and shame. We believe in the power of a peer coaching model, not to become anyone’s saviour, but to intently work alongside those who have been impacted by sexual exploitation, and empower them to become community leaders.

Services we offer

We offer a variety of services and support for schools, churches, organizations, as well as anyone who has been affected by sexual exploitation.

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What is sexual exploitation?

A new term. An old injustice. Learn about what sexual exploitation is and the warning signs to look for.

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