We bring light to the darkness of sexual exploitation

Through education and partnerships, we mobilize for prevention, intervention, and recovery of those impacted by exploitation. We provide communities of safety and belonging, where individuals are empowered to discover a brighter future.


through education

We believe that education is where change begins and is often the first step for prevention. We bring preventative tools to schools and churches in order to educate those who are most vulnerable on how to recognize the signs of exploitation.


through training and partnerships

We believe that we are only a part of the puzzle and that by working together through partnerships we are stronger. Through training front-line workers and working alongside churches, agencies, educational institutions and individuals, we can provide holistic support for those we serve.

Community of Safety and Belonging

through coaching and engagement

We believe in using a coach approach to empower our community in setting goals and developing a recovery plan. We focus on building healthy relationships and supports through our community nights, coaching, drop-in support, advocacy and referral services.

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What is sexual exploitation?

A new term. An old injustice. Learn about what sexual exploitation is and the warning signs to look for.

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